RA Installation


Royal Academy




February 2019
The Royal Academy installation explores how Augmented Reality could be used for construction, rather than merely visualization.


To construct the installation Microsoft’s Hololens was used to assemble modular timber building blocks in real-time. The Hololens overlays a digital model of the envisioned design in the exhibition space, indicating the position of the lego-like blocks and their connections. As the blocks are modular and the design is not fixed, adaptations to the design could be done in real-time.

Paragraph 2: Structure

The elements are then engineered to be able to perform in any structural situation within the installation. In themselves, every element is relatively weak, but the redundant combination of the elements establishes a strong structure. The building blocks are kept together under tension with lateral steel rods placed in specific, repeating connection points between the elements.

Reflected Ceiling