NESTED House - Bureau de Change




South London


July 2024
Exposed concrete nesting volumes

From Architect Bureau de Change

The external envelope has been detailed to focus all attention on the form, with the guttering set into the concrete shell. When viewed from the back, the effect is of three staggered pitched roofs – echoing the roof-scape of the terraced street that runs alongside the house in a way that is sympathetic, yet bold. The original house has been painted a dark aubergine, and the windows replaced, producing a simplified, almost mute volume that foregrounds the addition.

Reinforcing strategy, flat slabs between reinforced concrete frames, with an exposed gutter

The floating room

From Architect Bureau de Change

A first-floor room floats above the centre volume, a theatrical presence heightened by its surface treatment in a soot-like black acoustic render – a tactile contrast to the bright space below. Beneath, a dining area is demarcated by the floating room, simultaneously creating an intimate acoustic environment for social interaction.