Mohocon ltd.




June 2024
Mohocon is a plug ‘n play bearing and insulating wall system for sustainable and affordable construction.

Mohocon is inspired by biologic cells that function as the body's building blocks. Blocks are part of a living building - organism - that could be changed over time, as needs and environment demands it. The single brick (cell) is not decisive to the function of the building. But the brick (cell) does form a part of the total purpose. As such, the brick is a critical, replaceable component that can take part in new architectural designs, new functions, new buildings.

Structural analysis: the insulating wall system can be assembled and disassembled

Full scale 2 point bending test

The following test was set up to test the structural performance of the hexagonal blocks. Not only to determine the blocks themselves and connection, but also its failure mechanism.

We see changes in a building as we do in organisms - and new shapes should be created in a simple manner - contrary to how we usually think about a building as a constant.